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Question   Wonderful
You have one absolutely wonderful site, Carolyn!! So many beautiful images! I'll be back!!

- Colette M. Metcalf November 09, 2003

  Answer Thanks to one of my best morning "C's"!
Glad you stopped by!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 13, 2003

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Question   AWESOME site!
This is an AWESOME website, you have so many marvelous images here full of color and character! I thoroughly enjoyed my tour through these pages, and love your title as well. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing more.

- Carol Brill November 09, 2003

  Answer Carol, glad you came by!! Thanks a lot for the nice comments! Much appreciated.

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 13, 2003

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Question   Very Nice Site
Carolyn- You certainly have a great eye for for getting the right perspective on those photos.
Enjoyed looking at them. Keep after it, because I think you're really going do great things.
Ray Hansen

-  November 09, 2003

  Answer Ray, I knew it a long time ago when I first saw her work. She's a natural artist and will go a long way the beauty she creates and so kindly shares with everyone, every single day..

Carolyn, Your the greatest!! I'm so happy that you have this beautiful site to share with not only your betterphoto family, but with the rest of the world too!! Lots of luck. Your #1 fan!

- Donna R. Moratelli  November 11, 2003

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Question   Your site is OKIE DOKIE!!
Great site name!! Super images and of course some Fletcher humor. All together a very pleasing package. I'll be back :0)

- Murry Grigsby November 09, 2003

  Answer Thanks for checking out the site, Murry! Your great shots and wonderful sense of humor keep us all going around here! Much appreciate you, fellow Buzzaholic!!

- Carolyn M. Fletcher  November 13, 2003

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