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from Teresa Wilkinson Dreams

Hi Carolyn, Wow! Your B-day photo caught my eye, which led me to writing this note. Your photos are beautiful, my dad was from OK,(El Reno), and I never dreamed it could look like this! Thank you for "exposing" a different side of my past to me. You and your photos are inspiring!

Thank you again and Best Wishes, Teresa Wilkinson

p.s. It's nice to see another photographer using Sony. tsw Previous Response:
from Carolyn M. Fletcher
on June 03, 2004
 Thanks so much, Teresa! I'm in the pretty half of the state! They call it Green Country over here for a good reason. Glad you like the shots. I have two of them an old 1.6MP FD92 that I still like best! The other one is a DSC F717 and I'm still trying to get used to it. I like it except for the placement of the zoom.(I'm left handed and it's backwards for me).
I appreciate your comment!!!! 

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